CAM and Production

The Technical Office programmers, before sending cycles and designs to the workshop simulate the work cycle to be made in order to manufacture the mould on CAM platforms, define the tools, their profiles, and the parameters for optimum cutting. The visual simulation of the cycle is a fundamental control that puts the workshop in a position to operate with fully reliable and checked data.


The dimensional and visual controls of the work are carried-out step-by-step using innovative instruments (laser, radio frequency and infrared) to measure the perfection of the process and immediately remove unconformities.


Continuous up-dating of production technology is the basis of the company’s quality politics, and the only one capable of guaranteeing the difference between a good mould and an excellent one. The machine tools (high speed cutting with 3 or 5 continuous axes, or electric discharge) are all computerized and of the latest generation, connected by Intranet with the Technical Office, and subject to rigorous and programmed maintenance cycles.

The work is carried-out in an air-conditioned environment to achieve dimensional stability of the workpiece and the machine working it, in order to guarantee that quality of work which cannot be achieved any other way. The machines available allow the realisation of the whole production process within the company. (Blow moulds maximum size 1600x70, cavities from 1 to 13, maximum capacity 30 L , Injection moulds 1000x700).