CAD Engineering

The Bini Srl design engineers are aware and proud to work in a company which offers the highest standards of blow moulds for hollow objects (flacons), and that they have been made responsible for the greatest share of the company’s success as well as customer satisfaction. With this enthusiasm they are engaged in global planning and design, where every single choice is optimised for all involved aspects, from the choice of materials for the mould depending on its geometry, dimensions, type of polymer used for the piece and the machine on which the mould will be installed, the required productivity, the cooling system, the choice or the definition of the accessories. The planning and design is entirely developed on a solid and superficial modelling platform (CAD). The use of innovative information technology ensures speed of development, total control ability, visualisation and simulation, archive security. The customer’s designs are importable in most common CAD 2 or 3D formats (DXF, DWG, IGES, STEP, SAT, Parasolid, STL).